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Whether you need a few light bulbs or a few thousand Coast 2 Coast Lighting is here for you. Both contractors and commercial customers can benefit from our years of experience with reputable manufacturers, utility incentive programs, and finance partners.

Our Process

By taking a holistic approach to your lighting needs we design solutions that best fit your objective.
A blind one for one replacement, is not always the best solution. Taking time to understand your lighting needs provides bigger returns on your investment.

LED Light Bulb

Energy Assessment Meeting

First we take the time to understand how you use your space, educate clients on the available technologies, and identify the specific objectives for the project.

Energy Audit

Our team will conduct a thorough audit of your existing space - Take measurements, collect available infrastructre data, identify existing fixture types. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space and how it is used we can customize solutions to meet your objectives.

Controls Design / "IOT" Automation Platform

Lighting Controls is just the start. Our IOT (Internet of Things) platform can automate every aspect of your facility. Adding an additional 20%-40% monthly energy savings by making your exisiting controls system smarter.

Rebate Administration

Relax, leave all the paperwork to us. Our team ensures your project gets the best possible rebates to offset your investment. Coordinates pre and post inspections and completes all utility reporting.

Who Wants FREE LEDs?

That's right. If you're a business owner you may be elligible for a no cost led retrofit.
Just send a copy of your utility bill and we will let you know your options.


Our Services

We offer several services all designed to save you money.
We are standing by ready to help.

Lighting Audit

You can't manage what you don't measure. Our team can get the data you need to make an informed decision about your lighting needs.

Lighting Design

When a one for one replacement is not the best answer, it's time to let our team design a solution that works better.

Energy Brokerage

Deregulated territories allow for extremely simple savings. Allow over 70 suppliers compete for your business.

Rebate Administration

Whether you have one location or one thousand, we take care of all the rebate paperwork, inspections, and verifications that utility companies need to offset your investments.

Title 24 Compliance

If your project requires title 24 compliance, we got it covered. Our bids will include title 24 processing and permitting fees when required.

Project Managment

Allow our experts to manage your comprehensive sustainability plans. Which may include Solar, HVAC, Lighting and more.

About Us

Coast 2 Coast Lighting was established in 2011. Based in San Diego, CA we have been offering lighting solutions both regionally and nationally for our customers. Focusing on LED lighting supply and distribution to the wholesale market has been key to our sucess.

The Big Picture

Sustainablity Services

The comprehensive, holistic approach to sustainability is the only way to get deep energy savings that will increase profitability by decreasing the fixed operating expenses of your facility.

It takes a team of professionals to do it right, and we are here, standing by ready to help.

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • IOT Device Agnostic Automation
  • Creative, No Cost Financing
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LEDs and Energy Deregulation

Combining these services makes sense.
Lowering your cost per kWh and reducing the amount of kWh you need is the one, two punch that will knock down your fixed operating expenses.


Coast 2 Coast Lighting allows for several options and methods of payment.
Just let us know which option is best for your organization

  • $0.00 per project
    Rebate Assignment
  • Many simple projects will qualify for 100% rebate assignment. You simply assign utility rebates to us and we take care of the rest.

  • No Waiting for Rebates
  • Simple Self Installation
  • No Contractors required
  • Not all businesses qualify
  • Start Now
  • $0.00 per project
    Supply Contract
  • If you are in a deregulated territory you can leverage your supply contract to offset your investment in LED lighting

  • LOWER your cost per Kwh
  • Get FREE LEDs
  • Over 70 Energy Suppliers Compete
  • Best Rates Available
  • Get Started
  • $0.00 out of pocket
    On-Bill Financing
  • Some Utility Companies will finance your efficiency upgrades directly on your monthly bill.

  • Low / No Interest
  • Convenient Billing Option
  • Bill Neutral
  • No Increase in Monthly payment
  • Get Started

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